Develop a Shared Vision – Once Again.

One of the greatest challenges we face when implementing our strategic plans relates to the notion of a Shared Vision.  A common term used by consultants and facilitators when the issue of consensus arises during a planning session.  Similar to a consensus, it’s often easy for everyone in the workshop to raise their hand in agreement[…]

Writing your Vision and Mission – Take Your Time.

There are a few fundamental elements of your strategic plan that must be crafted carefully and thoughtfully – with a sense of ownership, visionary thinking, and a relentless pursuit of your desired future.  Your vision, mission, and values are the three most critical elements of your plan – so take the time to get these[…]

Total Cost of Ownership and your Strategy.

Today I’ll wear my CIO hat as we discuss a very important tool you should always use when making purchasing or outsourcing decisions. Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculation for your next website design, managed services agreement, or even a decision to purchase or lease equipment will help you determine the right strategy[…]

A Strategic Plan. Defined or Aligned?

One of the most fundamental and critical elements of a successful business is the strategic plan.  Whether formally designed, published, and distributed with training for all of its stakeholders – or simply a set of strategies living within the cranium of the entrepreneur, every business has a strategic plan. The goal is to develop a[…]