Mobile App User Behaviors

As I venture to reiterate the obvious, we know strategy without execution is nothing more than a strategic plan collecting dust on the shelves.  Nothing you don’t know. Depending on which methodology of execution you happen to follow, I suspect it emphasizes the need for productivity and efficiency as the operation, people, and strategy fall[…]

A Simplified View of a Simple Quality Tool

Many employees, from the executive table to the front lines, often shudder at the though of instituting a quality initiative because of the perceived complexity of the exercise.  And, thanks to the cornucopia of buzzwords and acronyms bandied about during the past decade or so, I really don’t blame them. However, you can experience meaningful[…]

Occam’s Razor: Let’s get to the point.

We can spend a week of Sundays discussing the original, or the often misunderstood, interpretation of Occam’s Razor.  Most often, it is assumed the least amount of assumptions leads to the simplest solution.  Or, in other words, the simplest solution may very-well be the best solution.  There are certainly some risks in various medical or[…]

What is the Real Definition of Quality?

I’m not going to provide you definitions found in dictionaries published by Webster’s, Oxford, or even Wikipedia.  That would be too trite, and frankly inapplicable to your operation.   So how do we unravel the various perceptions of what is meant by “Quality” in our business operations?   Take a walk around the office and ask folks[…]