Professional Endorsements for Ron Woodbury

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“Ron is an excellent executive leader who has the ability to clarify organizations strategic objectives, identify internal and external resources required and lead teams to implement successfully. I would strongly recommend Ron to organizations looking for expert strategic leadership.”
Brian Reno, Principal, VRA ARCHITECTS


“WOW Ron, what an excellent and fitting opportunity which you are pursuing. Strategic planning has always been your strong suit. You directed our former organization thru multiple acquisitions, Y2K transitioning, companywide Process Improvement and yearly Business Disaster Recovery preparedness, just to mention a few areas in which I worked under/with you. Your leadership example gave me an understanding of the importance of being thorough, to look outside-the-box and to stay abreast on all my projects. Ron, you have the ability to direct a company in the right direction, to uncover areas of weakness and find avenues for improvement and gain. It is my pleasure to give you a recommendation and best of luck on your new endeavor.”
Janice Blackmon, Quality Analyst, Altura Credit Union


“Ron has the ability to take the daunting task of strategic planning and break it down into a smooth flowing process. His extensive background gives him the ability and tools to manage any strategic planning process regardless of the size of the company or the scope of the project. He understands strategic alignment down to the operational process level which allows him to easily help organizations identify strategies, processes, metrics, and gaps. Additionally, Ron produces an extraordinary volume of work in small amount of time. He facilitates sessions effectively and efficiently and with his great sense of humor. I was very fortunate to work with Ron for many years.”
Ann Riley, SVP Quality, Altura Credit Union


“I think Ron stood out in my mind because at work he was always very clear and objective with what he wants to accomplish, but always made things easy to understand and very willing to help. I like that kind of leadership a lot because it actually delivers results and help move things faster. I was always glad to get an assignment from Ron because I knew it would have a big impact on the credit union’s processes and efficiency. Ron had no problem leading others at the credit union as well, no matter what department they were in. I know he’ll run a great Management Consultant company and recommend him without the slightest hesitation.”
Som Mathur, Process Improvement Manager, Altura Credit Union


“Ron Woodbury is an enthusiastic, energetic, responsible professional. I was proud to serve with him as we faced some extraordinary challenges in merging two social service agencies. He has exceptional social skills in organizational structure (“team building”). At the same time, he has consumate financial knowledge for strengthening an organization’s viability. He has a keen sense of implementing strategies to fulfill an agency’s vision. I would be glad to serve with him any time in the future.”
Dwight Tate, Board Member, The Carolyn E. Wylie Center for Children, Youth and Families


“I have known Ron for 10+ years through our networking and cooperative ventures at Altura Credit Union. Ron is a person of high energy. He makes decisions based upon insight and thoughtful analysis. I have found his reasoning to encompass all relevant data and his recommendations to be most useful. He is very creative and is well-grounded in the tools of his trade. Ron can think outside the box, based upon his expertise and extensive experiences. Ron will be a key player on any team he works with. He has always been a key resource to me and has been an excellent sounding board for developing my perspective on numerous topics and situations. I highly recommend Ron Woodbury to anyone looking for “sound” advice!”
Gregg Stockdale, CEO, 1st Valley CU


“Ron was a visionary manager leading Altura Credit Union to become a $1 billion dollar credit union. He introduced total quality management principles to the organization, which resulted in a Silver recognition from the California Award for Performance Excellence organization.”
Debra Whitney, AVP Business Development, Altura Credit Union


“Ron brings an experienced and wide ranging perspective to complex and dynamic organizational environments. Ron’s professional and volunteer accomplishments provide a tremendous resource for organizations tackling today’s challenges while also positioning themselves for future opportunities. Though we worked at different credit unions, I’ve enjoyed and benefited from Ron’s guidance and perspective during the industry’s recent turbulent and fiscally constrained times.”
Ward Wells, VP IS, Arrowhead Credit Union


“Engaging, motivating, and focused begin to describe Ron. He develops a vision for his organization and enables others on his team to own and engage to transform their organization as well as themselves. I worked with Ron as he led a leadership team to change not only the face of a respected credit union, but the way the organization executed and subsequently redefined and transformed through an exceptional growth and expansion. He is principled and brings the highest standards of ethics, professional demeanor, and personal character.”
John Evelyn, Senior Partner, Six Sigma Qualtec