Strategic Planning and Facilitation Services

We offer a wide variety of Strategic Planning services tailored to exceed your expectations.

Whether you need full strategic planning services or a simple update to your existing strategic plan, we can provide you with everything from pre-planning analysis and workshop facilitation, to post-planning documentation and training. Our unique business plan development process will ensure you have plan that is easy to communicate, update, and implement.

Our business plan philosophy is simple, clear & precise. We avoid the ambiguity, buzzwords, and unnecessary documentation that often restricts a company from actually understanding and deploying a strategy.

We believe you should be able to teach the fundamental elements of your business plan to a new employee or board member in a matter of an hour or so. If not, the plan may be too complex or ambiguous. Our unique strategic planning template is applicable to both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Our four-phased approach provides you with the necessary tools to develop your strategic business plan and develop your road-map to your vision.  Your final document will include a business alignment model designed to illustrate the connection from your vision to your daily operation.

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