Strategic Plan Consultation

Do you need professional strategic plan consultation services?



Whether you need full strategic planing services or a simple update to your existing strategic plan, we can provide you with the professional strategic plan consultation services you need, from pre-planning analysis and workshop facilitation, to post-planning documentation.  Our unique business plan development process will ensure you have plan that is easy to communicate, update, and implement.  Our strategic plan philosophy is simple, clear & concise. We avoid the ambiguity, buzz-words, and unnecessary documentation that often restricts a company from actually understanding and deploying their  strategy.

We believe you should be able to teach the fundamental elements of your business plan to a new employee or board member in a matter of an hour or so.  If not, the plan may be too complex or ambiguous.  How can we teach you to become your own internal consultant?

Our planning template is available to local businesses (both for-profit, and non-profit) without any charge.

What really matters is the approach and methodology.  Keep things simple, aligned, and by all means – keep the plan handy at all decision-making events (i.e. board and executive meetings, planning retreats, etc.). As always, we encourage your feedback.  We’d love to know what works, what doesn’t work, and what aspects of the plan you find most useful.  In our quest continuously improve the template for other businesses and agencies, your feedback is crucial to our continuous process improvement philosophy.

We offer this template/whitepaper free to you without any strings attached.  We are not requiring you to enter your email into an annoying “squeeze page”.  If this document provides you with value, and you wish to discuss it further, we trust you will contact us on your terms, when you are ready to review your business planning needs.

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Email us today if you have comments or questions, or would like to discuss whether you qualify for a complimentary strategic plan consultation.