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Updated Pricing Model

Updated pricing model for 2020. If your nonprofit agency is less than five years old, is registered as a 501.c.3, has updated 990 reports, and is unable to afford our traditional fees, your organization may qualify for a scholarship. Scholarships may be limited to one organization per calendar year. The above pricing is for qualifying[…]

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How Prepared are you for a Disaster?

Is your business ready to operate with critical functionality for up to two weeks?  Will your staff be available to help you run your business in the days after a crisis hits? Lifesaving inventories (food, water, first aid supplies) need to be readily available, protected, and regularly refreshed to ensure the safety of you, your family,[…]

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Are Your Goals Strategic Enough?

An important aspect of your planning process is determining how far you want to stretch your goals. Some of the most common questions that arise during planning retreats (especially with nonprofit organizations – and I’ll get to that shortly) are “Are our goals strategic enough?”, “These goals don’t seem strategic enough to me.”, or “This[…]

Getting Everyone Involved In Your Success

Here we are again. It’s January, the month many organizations kick off their newly developed strategic goals. Do you remember the passion and excitement you experienced during your strategic planning retreat; and how motivated everyone in the room became as you finalized your new set of strategic goals? Now, it’s time to get everyone in[…]