How Many Visions Does Your Company Have?

So we have a shared vision.  Now what?  It is a common mistake to believe that once a company develops a vision of the future (and a few strategic goals) that everything will magically fall into place.  Reality check: This isn’t the case. Unfortunately, this expectation also creates various levels of frustration among employees –[…]

Writing your Vision and Mission – Take Your Time.

There are a few fundamental elements of your strategic plan that must be crafted carefully and thoughtfully – with a sense of ownership, visionary thinking, and a relentless pursuit of your desired future.  Your vision, mission, and values are the three most critical elements of your plan – so take the time to get these[…]

Support Community Connect Today!

We can plan, plan, and plan all day long in our for-profit and non-profit world.  But, here’s the reality:  Our strategies are worthless without a community that plays an active role in supporting the mission of our non-profit agencies.  And, as important as the individual agencies are to or neighbors, friends, and community – there[…]

Clarify Your Strategic Foundation

Our last article emphasized the importance of developing your Vision, Mission, and Values before advancing to subsequent phases of your strategic planning.  Now, we will explore some discussion points to assist you in ensuring these elements of your plan are firmly solidified, can be etched into stone for the foreseeable future, and are supported by[…]