How Many Visions Does Your Company Have?

So we have a shared vision.  Now what?  It is a common mistake to believe that once a company develops a vision of the future (and a few strategic goals) that everything will magically fall into place.  Reality check: This isn’t the case. Unfortunately, this expectation also creates various levels of frustration among employees –[…]

Learning Consistency and Adaptability from the Stars.

For hundreds of million years, the Perseid meteor shower has dazzled earth with fantastic natural lightshow. How is it that we (read: customer) can count on the same stunning show (read: process) next week, next year, and a hundred years from now? Consistency and adaptability. Two fundamentals to a sound process management and improvement methodology.[…]

Writing your Vision and Mission – Take Your Time.

There are a few fundamental elements of your strategic plan that must be crafted carefully and thoughtfully – with a sense of ownership, visionary thinking, and a relentless pursuit of your desired future.  Your vision, mission, and values are the three most critical elements of your plan – so take the time to get these[…]