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How Prepared are you for a Disaster?

Is your business ready to operate with critical functionality for up to two weeks?  Will your staff be available to help you run your business in the days after a crisis hits? Lifesaving inventories (food, water, first aid supplies) need to be readily available, protected, and regularly refreshed to ensure the safety of you, your family,[…]

Develop a Shared Vision – Once Again.

One of the greatest challenges we face when implementing our strategic plans relates to the notion of a Shared Vision.  A common term used by consultants and facilitators when the issue of consensus arises during a planning session.  Similar to a consensus, it’s often easy for everyone in the workshop to raise their hand in agreement[…]

A Strategic Plan. Defined or Aligned?

One of the most fundamental and critical elements of a successful business is the strategic plan.  Whether formally designed, published, and distributed with training for all of its stakeholders – or simply a set of strategies living within the cranium of the entrepreneur, every business has a strategic plan. The goal is to develop a[…]

Thought Leadership: A Few Thoughts…

As small business owners, do we market our top products and services, or our knowledge?  Are you an authority on information and knowledge that is relevant to your clients?  Do you have the ability to answer their questions before they even ask?  Are you the first one they call with their questions, and are you[…]

Mobile App User Behaviors

As I venture to reiterate the obvious, we know strategy without execution is nothing more than a strategic plan collecting dust on the shelves.  Nothing you don’t know. Depending on which methodology of execution you happen to follow, I suspect it emphasizes the need for productivity and efficiency as the operation, people, and strategy fall[…]

The Operational Side of Your Business Plan

Is there a role for your Operational Activities in your strategic business plan?  Absolutely, there is! Without a clear classification and identification of the Key Work Processes that consume your daily operation’s financial, human, and capital resources, you will overlook a key component of your Strategic Business Plan – which is your Business Alignment Model. […]