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We can plan, plan, and plan all day long in our for-profit and non-profit world.  But, here’s the reality:  Our strategies are worthless without a community that plays an active role in supporting the mission of our non-profit agencies.  And, as important as the individual agencies are to or neighbors, friends, and community – there are a select number of support teams that help keep our non-profit engine running on all eight cylinders.  The Inland Empire is blessed with more than one major resource; and right now, I’d like to highlight the Community Connect.  When it comes to providing quality, affordable, timely, and effective resources for agencies of all sizes – committed to making  a real difference in the lives of our citizens – Community Connect is a critical asset to our area.   What follows is is a reiteration of my post on Community Connect’s Facbook page regarding their King and Queen voting for their upcoming Mardi Gras fundraiser.  Every dollar counts.  So, as I mention later, “Vote Early, and Vote Often”. Okay friends and colleagues. Have you voted for the King and Queen of Community Connect’s upcoming Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Event? When, in recent history (or, anytime for that matter) could we actually “Buy Votes” – and get away with it? I won’t tell you who I voted for, but there are eight gracious volunteers in our community who are helping Community Connect raise funds during this fun and important fundraiser. Each of them are worthy of consideration votes. These challenging economic times continue to strain the resources of our non-profit organizations. So, here’s a chance to help Community Connect support their mission – as they help thousands of needy individuals each month. Whether or not you plan on attending the Mardi Gras event, or just stay home, this is a great way to support the organization. So, vote early, and vote often. Hey, at just a buck a vote, we can all afford to help make a difference in our community.


Follow this link CLICK HERE to get to their Facebook page and learn much more about the event and voting.  Or HERE to get to the Community Connect’s general Website.

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