Mobile App User Behaviors

As I venture to reiterate the obvious, we know strategy without execution is nothing more than a strategic plan collecting dust on the shelves.  Nothing you don’t know. Depending on which methodology of execution you happen to follow, I suspect it emphasizes the need for productivity and efficiency as the operation, people, and strategy fall[…]

The Social Media Bubble

I’m using this blog entry to share with you a post I made on a financial services / trading site – where they posed a question regarding the potential bursting of the social media bubble. My response: The current social media world reminds me of the automobile industry in the early 1900’s. At one point[…]

Clarify Your Strategic Foundation

Our last article emphasized the importance of developing your Vision, Mission, and Values before advancing to subsequent phases of your strategic planning.  Now, we will explore some discussion points to assist you in ensuring these elements of your plan are firmly solidified, can be etched into stone for the foreseeable future, and are supported by[…]