Uncovering Your Agency’s Personality

Most agencies have a Mission Statement prominently displayed on the wall of the lobby and in the staff lounge, printed on marketing materials, and maybe even on t-shirts. This is your official mission statement from your strategic plan. This mission is what you strive to be for your clients who call or visit your agency.  Remember, your mission is what you do.

Behind the mission are individual stories about how your mission is being fulfilled. Each member of your staff, board of directors, and volunteers plays a unique role in delivering services to your clients. You need to hear these stories, as they are the DNA that identifies the living personality of your agency.

A counselor serving a family in distress and your bookkeeper both have an equal commitment to your vision, mission, and the success of your agency. Their individual roles, experiences, and expertise fulfill your mission in a unique way.

Everyone’s story is important, and all stories should be heard. Here are a few tips to consider if you are interested in sharing individual stories:

Monthly Staff Meetings.

If your agency has a monthly staff meeting, provide an employee the opportunity to share how they deliver the agency’s mission. Schedule their presentation in advance to allow them time to prepare. This only takes a couple minutes during your meeting, and allows everyone a chance to participate.

Internal Servers or Intranets.

Do you have an internal Intranet or similar electronic system that allows you to post articles internal to your agency? Ask everyone (staff and board) to submit their story, and post a new story every couple weeks.  Some agencies have electronic staff directories that allow you to post their photo, contact info, and general descriptions. This might also be a place to post their story.

Online Newsletter or Website.

Your marketing strategy might include external publishing of selected employee stories. This is a great opportunity to add a human touch to your site.

As you hear these stories, you will gain a deeper understanding of what motivates each individual in your agency, and better understand the service delivered to each of your clients.


About Ron Woodbury

Owner and Founder of Ron Woodbury Consulting.