Do Landing Pages Hurt Your Brand Image?

I’m sure my marketing guru colleagues will chastise me for my latest action, but I’m sorry, I’m done with concept of landing pages (often referred to as squeeze pages). During our most recent website redesign, we deactivated the landing pages. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of our Strategic Planning Report, or other collateral materials, you will be able to download them directly. We will not gather and hold hostage your contact information to simply download our whitepapers.

Our reasoning is simple. If we publish anything worth the paper it might get printed on, then I suspect you will contact us for a bit more information. If it doesn’t help you with your endeavors, why should you be pummeled with a barrage of follow-up emails that will only aggravate you and diminish our brand?

Think about the stuff you download online (reports, analysis, whitepapers) from various firms. It’s not like companies are releasing designs for interstellar spacecraft. Considering the hoops you sometimes jump through just to get a product brochure, or, in some cases, to simply browse a site, you’d think they were releasing 100-yr old trade secrets.

I understand that your business may have an ongoing newsletter or other publication that requires contact information, which is a perfectly good reason (and requirement) to gather information upfront.  You may also have a general contact form, as we do, that allows a prospective client to submit information to help with a specific request or question.  That makes sense as well.  What we’re addressing here is the often overly-aggressive, reckless behavior that online marketing agencies tend to incorporate into websites.  Strategically, think about the risk to your brand before you jump onto the squeeze-page-train.

We’re just trying to help people with their business strategy. If our perspectives are useful, wonderful. If you have questions, the by all means, please give us a call or send an email. We will be happy to answer your questions without any strings attached.

About Ron Woodbury

Owner and Founder of Ron Woodbury Consulting.