SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become one of the hottest services that technology providers, public relations firms, Web site managers, and marketing agencies are offering today.   If you have an online presence, you really need to understand the level of optimization that is just right for your business.

While one of the primary goals of SEO is to increase your online visibility and accessibility when someone is looking for a product or service you offer, it is a bit more complex (but not difficult) than a set of keywords carefully placed into your Web site.  Your company may require a series of carefully crafted product and press releases, an engaged social network presence, fresh and well-written copy on your Web site that includes relevant keywords, and a cornucopia of back links to show the search engines the online world has acknowledged (to some extent) your existence.

Content.  Press releases, a current blog, or news posts that are relevant to your Web site, updated frequently and consistently, and with good keyword placement will have a positive impact on your search engine rankings.  Many third-party companies will provide you with professionally written press releases, blog articles, and even social media postings.   (Make sure you acquire the copyright of any articles you have an outside source author for you.)

Keywords.  Simply put:  Do the search words and phrases users enter into Google, Bing, and other search engines coincide with the content of your Web site?   Google, will even help you determine the best key words for your Web site with these tools.  How are these keywords incorporated into the static and dynamic pages on your Web site?

Social media.  Google has determined that if people (not systems) are talking about your company, products, or services, it is probably a good thing – from a search engine perspective, anyway.   Your business or agency needs to learn how to be social.

Back links.  These are the links (hyperlinks) from other sources (Web sites, social media, etc.) back to your Web site.  Beware; the days of link farms are over.

Don’t try to trick Google, work with them. They’ve recently incorporated an updated and far more advanced set of algorithms to determine your site’s ranking. Follow a few simple rules and you will see improvement overtime.

Rather intuitive.  Nothing magic.  So, how is this related to Strategic Planning?

Whether you build your own SEO program or outsource it to a strategic partner, be sure you have your strategic plan and your marketing plan on hand.  Good SEO strategy and management is a process of incorporating some very effective methodologies into one or more of your delivery channels.  It is not about abandoning your entire marketing budget in order to afford the services of a third-party provider halfway around the planet just to get a higher search engine ranking.

Your brand and your vision are the guiding lights.  We’re just juicing the electricity up a few kilowatts.  Make sure the end result of your SEO program will move you closer to your vision, help you achieve our strategic goals, and improve your brand.



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